Body Measurements

  • Stand straight, with your shoulders relaxed, measure the outer edge of one shoulder to the outer edge of the other
  • Measure across the back and the fullest part of your bust (not under your bust)
  • Measure across the narrowest part of your waist
  • With your feet together measure the fullest part of your hip

Did you know?

Your bra size is a combination of your under bust size and your bust size.

For ready made garments most brands will consider ONLY the bust size.

Try to take your measurements over fitted clothes or in your under garments. Loose clothes tend to gather while measuring and give you a bigger measurement than your body size.

We need your exact body size to help you order the right fit for you. Most customers worry an exact size is a very tight fit, this isn’t true. Your garment size is designed considering not  just your body size but also factors such as: ease to wear, comfort , ease in removing etc. Use your measuring tape to give YOUR BODY MEASUREMENTS, we will take care of the GARMENT MEASUREMENTS!

Let’s say, your bust and waist are small in size but your hips are medium, then it‘s best you purchase a medium.

Having made the suggestion, we would also like to add that our brand understands this isn’t a compromise you are willing to always make. In such cases where you would prefer adjustments in size please leave your size details in the comments section before your payment checkout page and we will make the garment fit to your unique body.